Silver Pendant Hamsa Fatima Hand Magen David Blue Opal

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Sterling .925 Silver Pendant with Hamsa Hand and Blue Opal gem Stone inlaid in Magen David Star Hamsa as protection talisman from the Evil Eye Evil eye is a negative force or energy produced by destructive feelings like envy , jealousy , anger etc. These feelings make people wish negative thoughts which are transformed to other people by the look in the eye. Eyes are the reflection of the soul and the negative force passing through it make strong influence on the soul. Hamsa hand symbol is an ancient Jewish and Muslim amulet talisman which is believed to protect person from this destructive energy. Naturally all the constructive and positive energy is protected and not wasted on fighting the evil eye energy. The person's energy balance remains positive , which brings him more luck , health , happiness , love Magen David Star Shield as a protection talisman The Magen David (as it is written in Hebrew) or David Shield or Star of David is well known as the symbol of Israel and Jewish people. It appears on the flag of the state of Israel. It is believed that invincible King David - King of Israel used this symbol on his shield - and it has protected him in many battles . As well it is believed that Magen David is composed of two triangles which symbolize the unity between heaven and earth - thus symbolizing balance from holistic point of view. Altogether Magen David symbolizes strength , God's protection on Israel ,balance and unity.

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