Kabbalah String Bracelet, Prayer Included,10 Strings Per Order.

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  • This is the original Kabbalah Red String The package includes string from Rachel's Tomb in Israel The package is enough for 10 average size bracelets
  • This product is from Israel!

Product Description

The qualities of the Jewish Matriarch, including perseverance, faith, and humility, are said to be transferred to the wearer of the bracelet. One of main protective qualities of the red string is against the destructive forces of the Evil Eye which many people still believe is always trying to cause misfortune and evil. Upon attaching the red string, preferably by another person, the following prayer in Hebrew if often said to rid the wearer from the curse of the Evil Eye: IT ALSO INCLUDE THE PRAYER "Ben Porat Yosef ben Porat alai, ayin hamalach hagoel oti mekol ra yivorach et han'arim vyikare bahem shimi vshem avotai Avraham, Yitzhak v'yidgu larov bikerev Haaretz".

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