Modern Men’s Fashion Has Five Distinct Tribes. Which One Is Yours? – Slate Magazine

Time marched on. By the turn of the century, the alta kakas in the naff golf shirts had retired or kicked the bucket. The aughts saw the arrival of the metrosexual revolution and a vanquishing of that strange preoccupation with getting it wrong. There followed an explosion of self-expression, style, fashion, VIP bottle service, male vanity, and peacocking. Dressing impressively, creatively, or interestingly no longer suggested perversion, inversion, or execution by firing squad. It was the right of every man. Prada and Tom Ford stitched up Hollywood actors. David Beckham wore a sarong. Trey Parker wore a plunging printed chiffon gown to the Oscars. Teeth were whitened. Man jewelry jangled. Man bags dangled. Freedom reigned. Freak flags flew.


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