Lidl’s summer fashion range features chic maxi dresses for just £5.99 and sunnies for under £3 – The Sun

DISCOUNT supermarket Lidl have unveiled their summer fashion collection which will save savvy shoppers big bucks on their holiday wardrobe.

The purse-pleasing collection of both men’s and women’s wear includes all the essentials for a warm weather break, such as shorts, sunglasses, vest tops and even comfy canvas trainers.

Lidl fashion

Lidl’s summer maxi dress is just £5.99 and canvas shoes £6.99

A stylish ladies maxi dress with a floral monochrome design is just £5.99, a fraction of the price of similar items sold by many High Street fashion stores.

The summer wardrobe staple is also available in stripes and black and blue shades in sizes 6-20.

For women who want to catch some rays on their legs, a mini dress version of the floral design will be on sale for £4.99.

Lidl fashion

The bargain maxi dress also comes in black, pictured, and navy

Lidl fashion

The cut-price collection also includes this short striped dress for £4.99 and shoes for £6.99

Lidl fashion

£4.99 mini dresses come in a floral design, left, while there’s also a black strapless version to avoid tan lines when sunbathing

They’ve even thought about those who want to avoid unsightly strap marks when out exploring, as one version of the ‘Esmara’ dress is strapless.

Meanwhile, cropped and longer length leggings are just £3.99 each, and cool cotton vest tops £2.99.

If you’re someone who often loses or breaks your sunglasses on holiday, then their cheap and cheerful range of shades could be just the thing for you.

They state they offer 100%  UV protection while only being £2.99 a pair.

Lidl fashion

Vest tops like this one will be £2.99 when they go on sale in Lidl stores and online from 29 June

Lidl fashion

The vest top comes in a variety of shades including pink, blue, black and striped

Lidl fashion

The range of sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and are all £2.99

Summer sandals and flip flops are missing from the collection but tourists who want to walk around sightseeing during their travels might be interested in the men’s and women’s canvas shoes for £6.99 a pair.

Lidl fashion

In the men’s collection, this polo shirt is £4.99, available in navy, light blue and grey, as well as striped

Lidl fashion

The men’s denim shorts are £6.99

Other items on sale for men include denim shorts for £6.99 and polo shirts in a variety of colours for £4.99.

Holidaymakers who want to stock up their suitcase will have to be quick – as the collection will only be on sale while stocks last in stores and online from Thursday, 29 June.

Lidl fashion

The ‘his (right) and hers’ (left) canvas shoes, £6.99 a pair, will suit couples who want to go sightseeing together

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