UK election 2017: The Sun, Daily Mail and Express newspapers … – The Independent

Tory-backing newspapers are being bulk bought and burnt or binned in an apparent protest at their criticism of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Sun, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express were targeted on the day Britons head to the polls, with videos showing people hiding the newspapers behind cartons of milk in the supermarket or buying and setting fire to them.

Photos posted on Twitter showed some had bought dozens of copies of the right-leaning papers.

One posted a photo of a kitchen table covered in copies of The Sun, Mail and Express, with the caption: “We are saving ours for toilet roll!!”

Another posted a photo of the same titles discarded in a large recycling bin with the words: “Job done at local Waitrose.”

Others questioned the logic of buying papers that they appeared to disagree with.

“With all these people buying and binning every copy of the Sun and the Mail this morning, circulation will go through the roof,” one wrote.

The Mail’s front page for election day pictured an image of Theresa May alongside the headline: “Let’s reignite the British spirit.”

John Niven, whose video of the newspapers on fire went viral, said: “This morning I reignited the British spirit with the newsagents entire stock of Suns and Daily Mails.”

The Sun’s front page featured a picture of the Labour leader emerging from a dustbin with the words: “Don’t chuck Britain in the Cor-Bin.”

The Sun declined to comment on the story when contacted by The Independent


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