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:: Financial Times, Daily Mail

The number of EU nationals working in Britain has climbed to a record 2.1 million.

:: The Sun 

Four out of five jobs in Britain have been taken by people from outside the UK over the past year.


Thursday’s Newspaper Front Pages

:: Metro, i

Months of deadlock over new junior doctors’ contracts have ended with a deal agreed between their union and the Government.

:: The Daily Telegraph

One of the Bank of England’s most senior officials has admitted that pensions are so complex even he can’t make “the remotest sense” of them.

:: Daily Express

Employment is rising far faster among migrants than British-born workers.

:: The Guardian

Drug companies could foot the bill for the development of new antibiotics under a plan to end the scourge of anti-microbial resistance.

:: Daily Mirror

Health chiefs have warned that the Zika virus will spread to the Mediterranean this summer.

:: The Times

Britons will have a legal right to fast broadband under plans to bring rural areas and unconnected households into the 21st century.

:: Daily Star

The newspaper has a front page story about a Premier League football player.

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