‘Thank you and goodbye’: How newspapers around the world are reacting to Article 50 – Telegraph.co.uk

The UK’s triggering of Article 50 continues to dominate Europe newspapers, with many focusing on the growing row over Theresa May’s apparent threat to pull security co-operation unless Brussels agrees a trade deal.

While Donald Tusk emotional farewell – “Thank you, and goodbye” – featured prominently in the Brexit coverage, there were also warnings that Britain was taking a “leap into the unknown”. 

In her letter to the European Council president triggering Article 50, the Prime Minister warned that failure to reach a comprehensive settlement would lead to a weakening in collaboration in the fight against crime and terrorism. Critics accused the Prime Minister of trying to make a trade-off between security and commerce.

Here is how newspapers across the world are responding on Thursday to the triggering of Article 50.


The Global Times said: “UK officially launches ‘divorce’ procedure with EU”


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