Rupert Murdoch was in room for Michael Gove’s Donald Trump interview – The Guardian

Rupert Murdoch was in the room when Donald Trump gave his first post-election foreign newspaper interview in the UK to the Times and former government minister Michael Gove.

It is unclear whether the media mogul sat in throughout the interview or simply introduced the Times columnist to Trump, although the Financial Times said that Murdoch sat through the whole interview.

Murdoch, whose News Corp owns the Times, is believed to have orchestrated the meeting between the former Conservative minister and the president but details of his presence emerged weeks after the hour-long meeting in Trump tower.

One insider at News Corp said Murdoch would be unlikely to have sat quietly throughout the interview and could just have introduced them at the beginning. He appeared in none of the extensive pictures taken of the meeting in the Times.

Gove, the former justice secretary is paid £150,000 a year by the Times on top of his salary as an MP. News Corp declined to comment.


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