People Are Angry With This Newspaper’s Graphic That Appears To Show Same-Sex Attraction As Unhealthy – BuzzFeed News

Micah Scott, from Minus 18, Australia’s largest youth-led network for gay, bi, lesbian and trans teens, told BuzzFeed News there were two major issues with The Daily Telegraph’s reporting.

“The graphic is the first and most obvious issue. The Daily Telegraph suggests being same sex attracted is a health hazard and that is pretty disgusting,” he said.

“Articles like this make people feel like there’s something wrong with them – couple that with daily attacks on [sexual health teaching program ] Safe Schools and young trans teens as well.”

The second major issue, said Scott, was that the report blamed poor health outcomes on young people.

“The irony is lost on The Daily Telegraph that this type of vilification and blame is what can actually cause poor health outcomes in the first place,” he said.

“If they approached these issues with any sincerity they would highlight that the best way to address these issues through support programs, not blaming the individual.”


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