Newspaper headlines: Jeremy Corbyn says he will be ‘PM in six months’ – BBC News

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Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis says Jeremy Corbyn told him he will be prime minister “in six months”, according to the Metro. The Labour leader also reportedly said he would scrap the Trident nuclear weapons system.

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The Daily Telegraph leads with news that Brexit Secretary David Davis has guaranteed British tourists will get free health cover while travelling in the EU, even after the UK leaves the union.

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Jailed criminals from EU countries will be repatriated after Brexit, according to the Times. The paper says just 44 EU criminals were deported in 2015.

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On its front page, the Daily Mail says Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has been accused of exploiting the Grenfell Tower fire after saying its victims were “murdered by political decisions”.

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The i reports that 60 samples of cladding tested from tower blocks across the country – in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire – are unsafe.

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The Daily Mirror also highlights news that all 60 cladding samples tested for fire safety have failed current regulations.

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Russian hackers have been deemed “the most likely culprit” of a cyber attack which targeted 90 parliamentary accounts, according to The Guardian.

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The Financial Times leads with news that the Italian government will provide up to 17 billion euros to cover loan losses from some mid-sized banks.

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An 8ft shark was “euthanised” at a tourist beach in Majorca after being caught, according to The Sun. The shark was already injured.

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The Daily Express claims that migrants “trying to sneak” into Britain are caught every 10 minutes.

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EastEnders and Human Traffic actor Danny Dyer has returned home to his wife after an alleged affair with Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding, according to the Daily Star.

The Times says thousands of European criminals will face deportation after Brexit, because they won’t be eligible to be granted “settled status” allowing them to stay in the UK.

The inability to expel such criminals “has long enraged ministers”, according to the paper, which says those affected are likely to include people convicted of violence, and sex and drug offenders.

The Daily Telegraph reports that British tourists will continue to have free health treatment when they go on holiday to the European Union after Brexit.

Whitehall sources have apparently confirmed comments by the Brexit Secretary David Davis, made on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday.

The Daily Mail leads on “outrage” at the shadow chancellor’s claim that those who died in the Grenfell Tower fire were “murdered by political decisions that were taken over recent decades”.

The paper quotes the Conservative MP Nadine Dorries, who accuses John McDonnell of playing politics with people’s lives.

“It would have been nice if he let the dust settle, bodies be identified, and given people people time to grieve before he played politics with the lives of those who suffered,” the MP tells the Mail.

The i newspaper reports the latest developments in the investigation into the fire at Grenfell Tower, and the proportion of high-rise blocks failing safety checks so far, with the headline “100% unsafe”.

A shark glides through shallow water at a crowded beach – as holidaymakers flee in terror – in photos on the front page of The Sun and The Daily Mirror.

Pictures of an 8ft-long blue shark were taken in the Majorcan resort of Illetas near Maguluf by a British tourist.

The Sun says the scenes echoed the hit film “Jaws” and it could not resist the headline “Ma-JAW-ca”.

The shark, which was already injured, was brought ashore and killed.

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