My Plea for Women’s Journalism – Huffington Post

I want to read about it, rejoice when necessary, be upset about it, form opinions, cry for it, educate myself and others and totally immerse myself in this journalism. There is such a common misconception from people that reading about these issues isn’t helping to solve anything, or “I can’t do anything to help, I’m only one person.” But here’s the thing: the first step in any kind of change or progression is educating yourself on what the issues, problems and conversations are. Even if you are unable to do anything, or lack the care to, at least you have indulged in learning what is going on around you. If we aren’t asking for the journalism, how can we expect the journalism to then exist? People like to point the finger so often that women “are asking for it” when they wear provocative outfits and clothing, or when they walk home alone at night or have alcohol with men in a dark bar. So here I am, a woman asking for it. Except that I’m asking for good journalism, dammit. I’m imploring, yearning, yelling.


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