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:: Metro

Team GB has won a record number of medals at an overseas Olympics in Rio.

:: The Sun

Great Britain finished second in the medals table behind China.

Daily Mirror

Monday’s Newspaper Front Pages

:: Daily Mail

It’s Team GB’s best performance in over a century.

:: i

Great Britain now ranks among the world’s sporting superpowers.

:: Daily Mirror

Team GB’s Rio performance marks a golden age for British sport.

:: Daily Star

Mo Farah is odds-on to be knighted after pulling off a “double double” in Rio.

:: Financial Times

Infrastructure spending has declined sharply since Britain voted to leave the EU.

:: The Guardian

New research reveals women and people from ethnic minorities are badly unrepresented in senior positions in the NHS.

:: The Times

The number of middle-class teenagers suffering from anxiety or depression has surged in the last decade, with more than a third now experiencing symptoms of “psychological distress”.

:: The Daily Telegraph

The SNP says Brexit is threatening the future of Scotland’s seafood industry, which accounts for more than 60% of the nation’s food exports.

:: Daily Express

Britain can thrive outside the European Union, it is claimed.

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