Lighten up on The Washington Post. It’s only a newspaper slogan – Los Angeles Times

“Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Film at 11.

Actually, the quote above isn’t a local TV news headline; it’s the new motto of The Washington Post.

 It was spotted Tuesday night under the paper’s masthead online (but not in the print edition) and quickly inspired speculation that it was a response to press-bashing by President Trump (the Post denied it), along with heaping helpings of ridicule.

On Twitter, media critic Jack Shafer said: “‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’ is something a sincere goofball would say in a Preston Sturges movie.” John Podhoretz  expanded on the slogan in a way that took a dig at the Post’s owner, Jeff Bezos: “Democracy Dies in Darkness But I Got This Cute Little Night-Light at Amazon for Just $4.99 and It’s Free Shipping Because I Have Prime.”


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