In flood-ravaged Louisiana, newspaper criticizes a golfing Obama – Chicago Tribune

Devoted golfer President Barack Obama isn’t letting criticism from flood-ravaged Louisiana get in the way of a round with pals.

The president on Wednesday hit the links to resume his golfing grudge match with buddy Marty Nesbitt, former NBA star Alonzo Mourning and attorney Cyrus Walker, while vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard.

That’s raised the ire of The Advocate of Baton Rouge, which says its high time Obama leaves the “playground for the posh and well-connected” to see with his own eyes the impact of a disaster that has left thousands displaced.

In an editorial published Thursday morning, the paper noted that Obama was among those making hay out of then-President George W. Bush’s perceived aloofness during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when an unfortunate photograph of Bush showed him peering down on the floods from Air Force One.


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