How the world’s newspapers covered the Rio Olympics opening ceremony –

Writing in El Pais, Carlos Arribas noted that while London 2012 was a celebration of Britain’s contribution to the world through the Industrial Revolution, and a historical tour through the British Empire, Rio’s director Fernando Meirelles told the story of Brazil.

From its indigenous people to its fathomless forests; the discovery and Portuguese conquest; the harnessing of the forests and their destruction; four centuries of slavery; the urban revolution; to the necessity of returning to the forest in the future, and reconstructing the Amazon forest to survive.

Through its popular music, from sensual bossa nova to passinho, the voice of the favelas; samba, rap, and all the songs of the Tropical Country.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo noted how Rafael Nadal, their flag bearer, was grinning from ear to ear.

They also pointed out the absence of King Felipe, or any members of the government, due to ongoing political problems in the country.

King Felipe competed in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, sailing for Spain and carrying the country’s flag. His father, mother, sister and uncle also all sailed at the Olympics – his mother and uncle for Greece, his father and sister for Spain. His brother-in-law, Inaki Urdangarin, disgraced by a corruption scandal, was also an Olympian, representing Spain in handball.



Le Monde featured an image of the Olympic cauldron being lit, with the headline: “After the boos, the euphoria.”

L’Equipe, France’s sports daily, described the Games as “a shower of stars”.


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