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Broadway star Jasmine Cephas Jones might have recently wrapped up a two-year stint in Hamilton (doing double time as both Peggy Schuyler Van Rensselaer and Maria Reynolds) but that doesn’t mean she intends to slow down her career anytime soon. Along with making guest appearances in the upcoming season of the hit HBO series Girls and a playing a part in the upcoming horror flick Blood Surf — starring James Franco — Jones is also venturing into the fashion industry.

The 27-year-old recently partnered with retailer Lou & Grey to release a limited-edition collection of $45 tees, $75 sweatshirts, and necklaces priced from $185 to $240. The products are unique in that Jones took part in the design process — so many of the pieces reflect her personality and upbringing in New York.

Yahoo Style recently caught up with Jones to discuss her new clothing line, life after Hamilton, and her upcoming performance at the Super Bowl on Feb. 5.

Yahoo Style: How would you describe your style?

Jasmine Cephas Jones: I don’t think I have one style. It’s different every day. Sometimes I dress like I looked like I walked out of the ’90s show A Different World, and other times I look super elegant. I like to play with different styles and see what looks good.

What are some go-to pieces in your closet?

My mom’s baggy-cut boyfriend jeans from the ’80s, combat boots, and — right now — different color berets. Really into hats right now.

How did your collection with Lou & Grey come about?

Lou & Grey reached out to me first, and after the first meeting, I realized that they wanted to collaborate on a line that was just based on my ideas and kind of who I am. I honestly thought I was just going to model!

How involved were you in the design process of the collection?

I feel like it was a constant back and forth. They really wanted to get a sense of my vibe in the clothing, and they were open to any idea that I had.

Eventually, it came down to love, music, and my home. Those three subjects mean a lot me, and I think are definitely relatable.

What is the inspiration behind the phrases “Brooklyn Original,” “Track 1 Side A,” “Love Will Conquer” and “Groove Baby” that are printed on the products?

“Brooklyn Original” is all about me being a Brooklyn girl. I love Brooklyn. It’s a diverse place that opens its arms to everyone.

“Track 1 Side A” just brings me back to taping a song on the radio, and me playing it over and over again, constantly singing in my room — just the excitement of coming across a song on the radio and rushing to get the whole song before the radio goes on the next song.

“Love will conquer” is something I think we all need to remember. Love will always outshine the dark. “Groove baby” is about finding your own groove — your individuality. It’s also a music reference. I love listening to music that has a groove. It’s where I love to be.

Are you looking to venture more into the fashion industry?

This never came across my mind until I started working on this project. I love to play dress-up and try new things. I’m not afraid to make a statement. So if the opportunity comes up again in the fashion world, whatever that entails, I would love to see where I can go with it.

How did you react when you found out you were singing at the Super Bowl?

I was so shocked and couldn’t believe it. I got a call from my manager when I was at the hair salon.

Who are you rooting for?

I gotta root for the underdogs … the Falcons!

What have you been up to since finishing Hamilton?

I’ve been traveling. I did a road trip with my family through England and Scotland, which was awesome. I have done a movie called Blood Surf, and a few episodes on the HBO show Girls.

Check out Jones’s collaboration with Lou & Grey.

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