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Photo courtesy of Zachary Barrett

Photo courtesy of Zachary Barrett

While most teens are focused on school, Zachary Barrett is busy creating a clothing empire. His brand, “CLA$$ICAL,” stemmed from his growing interest in fashion and streetwear and features T-shirts and sweatshirts with a creative, original feel. We recently caught up with Barrett to fdiscover more about him and his passion for fashion:

Q: Tell us about yourself:

A: I’m 16 years old and currently a junior at Walled Lake Western High School and attend Oakland Technical Center for Entrepreneurship & Marketing. I was born in Northville but have lived in Wixom my entire life.

Q: How did you get started running your brand? What gave you the idea?

A: It wasn’t until December of 2016 when me and a friend thought out a design for my first release. It was very difficult drawing attention to myself since there’s already so many brands out today. Honestly, I gave myself the idea of creating my own brand. I was really getting into fashion and streetwear at the time and had several ideas I really wanted to create. So I did!

Q: How has the brand grown?

A: I only started my brand 4 months ago, but I’ve learned a lot and developed a decent following from clothing on my Twitter account (@zachjbarrett). I’ve been steadily growing and I’m really excited to see how my brand progresses over the next couple of years.

Q: What makes you most proud?

A: I try my hardest with every aspect of the brand, I never focus on a certain area.

Q: Talk a little bit about your brand. What kind of things do you do? Anything new you’re working on?

A: I do a lot with my brand. Sometime’s I’ll attend shows/concerts and throw my merchandise into the crowd. It makes me happy knowing someone is wearing something I created. Right now I’m in the process of creating sunglasses for my spring/summer season, I don’t want to leak anything yet but it’s going to be one of my biggest drops yet. I want my clothing to leave some sort of emotion behind it, or even just a sense of creativity.

Q: Any college or future plans?

A: I’m not so sure what college I want to attend yet. But for the future I just want to keep producing creative clothing. I’m sick of seeing people putting lame, generic things on clothes.

Q: Any websites or social media accounts where people can keep track of stuff you’re doing?

A: The best place to get ahold of me or find my clothes is Twitter (@zachjbarrett) or you can checkout my website www.classical.ml


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