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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Well you may have noticed stores are full of spring fashions. This is not a new concept in merchandising. I found that 125-year-old Utah papers were full of spring clothing advertisements.

Oh, and better than that, I found some rare vintage fashion show films. The giant fashion film archives, ‘Glamour Daze’, said of course I could share these films with Utah. I think they know I am ‘Mr. Fashion’ in Utah.

Ah, new spring fashion. Even in a faded ad in an 1890 Salt Lake paper they told us spring meant fashion. And back then spring fashion meant hoop skirts and tennis. Yeah, they thought that hoop skirts would be real easy to wear when playing tennis.

Now, I realize few people know fashion like I know fashion. It’s just part of me. Sort of like dotting the ‘I’ in the word fashion.  Oh, but there is a history.

In the ‘Glamour Daze’ film the announcer told us “the forward looking design shows our foursome in their prettiest evening clothes in a modern coach beyond Cinderella’s fondest dreams.” Right, a modern car and a big hat. That was true cool. The announcer continues, “The next ensemble is called ‘Tonight and Every Night. “  But spring not only means evenings. It means outdoor fun by day.

Now it’s wasn’t just the international scene. Oh no, there was a lot of fashion here locally in Utah.

Yes, the old walkers store had spring openings in 1916. They had decked out window displays and live models. They even had an orchestra every afternoon. Other downtown stores used to have spring fashion shows. And huge for 1916, we were told ‘panniers hoops and even bustles’ will be big. Panniers were the big hoops that puffed out dresses.

By the 1930’s it was the Flash Gordon helmet meets a Ben Hur look. But, by the 1950’s it was modern. An old channel 4 film shows the styles of Utah.

But you see, there was a price to pay for fashion. Such as a full coat at Penny’s for $3 dollars. Oh and a whole outfit was a shocking $11 at the Bon Marche. And $3 only got you 2 spring dresses at mode o day.

You see, as always in fashion, it was all modern and swell.


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