Toyota and Fashion Camp NYC Host a Junior Dress Design Project and You Need to See the Results –

Toyota’s latest campaign channels the Cinderella story we all know and love. In the commercial, a young fashion student isn’t invited to the “Palace Fashion Show” because she sadly, doesn’t have a dress. But she doesn’t let that stop her. She grabs her best friends, hops in her Toyota C-HR, gathers supplies and finishes a show-stopping look just in time to walk down the runway.

Now, the car company is bringing that challenge to life with young fashionistas in New York City. They’ve tasked Fashion Camp NYC students with designing three different looks inspired by the Toyota C-HR. While you might be wondering how on earth a formal gown can resemble a car, well, these young designers stopped by our People Now studios to show you.

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The first pair decided to channel the car’s features — they dressed up in a white floor-length gown by adding tassels resembling windshield wipers, a lacy belt as a chic version of a seat belt, and tied it all together with pearls and diamonds that any Fairy Godmother would deem essential. The next pair decided to focus on color in a bright red number. They showcased the other hues the car comes in by adding black lace in the back and metallic accents all around.

The third one has a 1920’s inspired vibe. The bold blue design was accented with peacock feathers as a way to symbolize the car’s uniqueness. “When I first walked in the car, I thought it was very unique so I wanted to add something [similar] to the dress,” the young designer shared. To see them all, make sure to watch the full video above!

Which dress is your favorite? How did the students do? Share below.


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