Theresa May makes new fashion statement with a £32 silver ring… after £900 leather trousers and goes bargain hunting – The Sun

THERESA MAY is used to catching the eye with bold fashion statements.

But yesterday it wasn’t £900 leather trousers or leopard-print heels that caused a stir, but a £32 silver ring from an arts and crafts shop in North Wales.

Theresa May and husband

Theresa May and her husband were spotted on their way to a service at St Mary’s Church in Gwyndd, North Wales

The PM was spotted wearing one of two rings from Dolgellau’s Celf Aran Arts shop, before a service at St Mary’s Church in Gwyndd, North Wales.

“I honestly thought it was a joke” jeweller Anna Hicks, 54, told The Sun.

“I’ve had famous people in here before, but a Prime Minister is really surreal and certainly a first.”

The ring

Her ring was quite a change from her lavish style at £32 and from an arts and crafts shop

“She didn’t get a discount for being Prime Minister” joked Matt Fletcher, 38, who served her.

Matt Fletcher

Matt Fletcher joked that they didn’t give her a discount just for being the Prime Minister

“When I realised it was Theresa May, I got very nervous and started to fumble with the keys for the display case.

“‘I said to her, ‘is it you?’, and she said: ‘Well, it depends on who you is.’

“She was really down to earth, nothing like Cameron or Osborne would have been”

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