The 5 Things About Clothing You Don’t Need To Tell Older Women – Huffington Post

OK, who hates it when people try to tell you how to dress? When they suggest, however politely, that someone shouldn’t be wearing skinny jeans or short skirts after a certain age? Sheesh. Frankly, there are a bunch of things older women know about clothing that others can learn from: 


1. Women would actually pick a pair of comfortable shoes over having the best sex of their lives.

OK, granted this study was done by Rockport, a brand of comfort shoes, and we won’t argue that this is high science here. But still, one in four women said they would opt for cushy insoles over a great roll in the sheets. And in our heart of hearts, we suspect many of you just heard a little voice in your head saying “So I’m not the only one, eh?”

For another fun factoid: Rockport also found that 75 percent of women have walked barefoot in public because their shoes were uncomfortable. Ugh. #germs.


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