Fashion, jewelry and art designers in Mexico will receive support for their work from Atelier by SC, a grant-making project scheduled to launch later this week in an effort to boost artists’ creativity and business skills.

“Atelier is a platform that will offer support to fashion, jewelry and art designers with a completed project. We will provide a grant to make them known, market their work and promote training courses,” public relations specialist Sara Cuellar said in a press conference.

Cuellar’s p.r. firm decided to celebrate its 14th anniversary by launching this entrepreneurship project.

On Friday, prospective designers are expected to submit proposals for evaluation by a jury, which will choose 20 participants for the project.

Proposals will be evaluated by Cuellar, fashion producer Beatriz Calles, Grupo Televisa fashion director Pierin Fair, artist Armando de la Garza and designers Jesus Ibarra and Gustavo Helguera.

“This is a grant for those with something interesting to say and who want to stand out with their designs. In Mexico there are impressive talents who lack the resources of big brands or companies, and who seek support,” Cuellar said.

Cultura Colectiva, one of the largest platforms for emerging arts talent, and MAM, a fashion organization, have joined the project, which will not provide “free service” but will hand out “corporate grants,” Atelier by SC said.

“Atelier is a way of giving back to the country, to national fashion and to customers for their trust over the years. We are placing a big bet with this project and we will win,” Cuellar said. EFE