Ivanka Trump, Champion of Paid Maternity Leave, Works With Clothing Company That Offers None – Slate Magazine (blog)

Trump doesn’t make the HR policies of companies she enlists as partners, and it’s possible—probable, even—that she didn’t know anything about G-III’s nonexistent family leave policy when she signed the 2012 licensing agreement. But for somebody who’s taking great pains to make herself out to be a political advocate for better treatment of working mothers, this comes off as a careless, hypocritical move. If Trump wanted to be taken seriously as an advisor to a presidential candidate on matters of parenthood and women in the workplace, she should have made sure she wasn’t enriching companies that benefit from shorting their workers necessary support. It’s almost like she’s taken cues from a politician who promises to punish U.S. companies that manufacture goods overseas while heading a company that makes its jackets, ties, and cufflinks in China.


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