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When this year’s theme for the Met Gala was announced as ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology’ even our fashion team struggled with how this would be interpreted on one of the most famous red carpets of all time. Will Kendall and Co be donning futuristic dresses? Or will guests opt for a simple Apple watch to tap into the theme? All will be revealed tonight. 

For now, we looked at the 9 times fashion and technology have met; some a fabulous combination of two amazing forces, (Eva Chen x Instagram) some with mind-blowing results, (Kate Moss’ hologram courtesy of McQueen) and others raising questions as to whether we’ve actually benefited from them (that would be a certain Kardashian and her popular video game.)

Here’s the countdown…

1. When Eva Chen joined Instagram

When Lucky magazine closed last year, Chen, who was then editor-in-chief at the Conde Nast publication, was quickly snapped up by Instagram as their new head of fashion partnerships. With over 570,000 Instagram followers, Chen was the perfect choice. “Most of the fashion community are already using it,” she says of the popular social media platform. “My job is more about helping people tell their stories in ever more interesting ways.” KT


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