Fashion, video and print media commingle at uncommon art event – Kansas City Star

Disco Turf, an event on Friday, seamlessly blended fashion, video and print into one color-splashed night.

The evening served as a debut for Kansas City Art Institute artists Anna Van Gheem, who showed her fashion line, The More Crooked Our Teeth Get; filmmaker Camile Messerley; and Sara Garrison, founder and editor of Likewise art magazine.

“When I was thinking about the designs last summer I was thinking about high school romance. It was referencing a personal story I had, but I didn’t want it to be straightforward. I just wanted it to echo that,” Gheem said.

Vulpes Bastille Gallery, 1737 Locust St., was a blur of color and motion as models glided around the room, video work by Messerley, a junior filmmaking major, was projected on the wall through the glow of red lights, and guests lounged and flipped through Issue 1 of Likewise magazine.

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